Technology and finance. Where are we going?
People love a buzzword. In 2000 during the dot com bubble it was common place to add “.com” to your business name to get a higher valuation. Of course, eventually these things die out and investors regain their mental faculties, prices stabilize and we plod along until the next big thing comes along.
Preference Capital Wins Social Loan Of The Year!
South African alternative lender Preference Capital (PrefCap) scooped the social loan of the year award for its inaugural ZAR 280 million ($15 million) deal, in particular for its focus on demonstrating the social impact of its micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) financing.
mastering credit score
Mastering Your Credit Score
Managing and monitoring your credit scores in today’s financial landscape is extremely important. This includes your personal and business credit scores; credit scores can have a significant impact on your financial capabilities and opportunities. We need to know what exactly a credit score is and how we can improve that score. In South Africa, as it is with many other countries, your credit score serves as a numerical representation of your and your business’s creditworthiness. It reflects your or your business’s financial history and it showcases how reliable you are as a borrower. 
Impact Of Currency On Profitability – How to manage the Risk
You pose this question to 100 people and you will probably get 100 different answers. Yet, it is a crucial topic to consider if you are an Importer or Exporter. Currencies are the same as other goods or commodities in that their prices are influenced by supply and demand. Prices are influenced by the demand and the ability of the market to meet that demand. Many factors may influence the currency markets
How to re-energise your staff
As a business owner, seeing your staff have Monday blues is one thing but having low staff morale is another. Low morale often leads to a downfall in productivity, staff output and employee engagement which all lead to serious consequences. Ever wondered why some businesses seem to have a team that is always energised and ready with the next great idea, while others are simply counting down the hours till they clock out?
MCA Funding – What is it, what it means and why you should care.
The abbreviation MCA means merchant cash advance. An American term that was coined from the practice of lending money to retail merchants and taking an agreed % of all card sales as payback for the loan.
The advantages of automation technology
In the vast and endlessly fascinating universe of technology, there are few things as exciting as the advancements in small business lending in South Africa. As we all know, small businesses are the backbone of any economy, and in South Africa, they are no exception. However, access to funding has always been a major challenge for these enterprising individuals and companies. But thanks to the magic of technology, that is all about to change.
New year tips for Businesses
As the new year begins, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often focus on growth and expansion. One significant aspect of this is securing funding to support these business plans. While traditional bank loans may seem like the go-to option, alternative funding methods have gained significant popularity among SMEs in recent years. Let’s explore some new year’s tips to consider when seeking funding.
Old Mutual Acquires Stake In Preference Capital Group
Old Mutual has signed an agreement for the acquisition of a minority stake in Preference Capital – a leading local provider of SME finance solutions today. The transaction is subject to the fulfilment of various conditions,  including approval
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